SkillTree Application

Create skilltrees and monitor learning progress.

Skilltrees can help increase the level of autonomy in the learning process. They can be used as gamification element to help students acquire serious skills in a fun way. With this application, you can build digital skilltrees and assign them to your students. You can then monitor the progress of your students.


What can you do with the SkillTree application?

SkillTree Editor

You can create SkillTrees with a drag and drop editor. The editor makes it simple and intuitive to create skilltrees.

Skills Manager

You can manage skills centrally in a master skills list. You can copy skills from the master skills list into your SkillTrees.

Progress Monitor

You can monitor the progress of your students. You can keep full control over the completion status of skills.


You can assign deadlines and grades in the new bèta release.

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Examples of skilltrees in Education, Business and Sports







Bèta release

The Next Generation Of EasySkillTree

We have released our Bèta release. It has been built from the ground up using the awesome FireCMS. This release adds a ton of features such as grading and assigning due dates. It gives admin controls over the entire content. The central idea is that schools self-host the SkillTree application and manage all content. The release is available on https://dev.easyskilltree.com

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Our Mission

HandiHow Education Developers

The linear approach of normal educational curricula has limitation, especially in erasing individual interests and skills. These skills can be connected and interrelated in trees, that build up in incremental steps. Borrowing from game design, skill trees can help regain the student's control to learn skills at their own pace and of their own interest.Roeland VerbakelEducation Developer, HandiHow